Donating to charity is usually thought of as a conscious decision one makes. After all, most people don’t automatically deduct funds to an organization. However, there are many ways a person can donate without having to think too much about it, and plenty of these ways are done online. Let’s look at some ways you can help others while going about your day on the web.

Amazon Smile

One of the most popular ways you can give back is through everyone’s favorite online retailer: Amazon! Amazon partnered with several charities to help those in need, without costing you a cent more. Simply go to, shop like you normally do, and a percentage of your order will go toward charity. Another great aspect of Smile is the ability to choose a charity to donate to out of five. These are American Cancer Society, World Wildlife Fund, ASPCA, Heifer International, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. You can always change which charity you donate to through Your Account settings, so if you want to help several, you can always switch between them.

Tab For A Cause

Who thought that advertisements would be the key to raising money for charity? Tab for a Cause founders apparently thought so, and they have raised several thousand dollars for multiple charities through their Google Chrome extension. Once you have the extension, every new tab will generate an unobtrusive ad and will give you a heart. You can use your hearts to donate to one or more charities, such as Action Against Hunger,, and Human Rights Watch, among others. While you may not think a charity that operates this way would be successful, think about how often you open new tabs every day, and it’s no surprise that charities love partnering with Tab for a Cause.


Tons of stores love partnering with third parties to help you donate to charity while online shopping. With iGive, you sign up, add the extension to your browser, and shop at participating retailers. There are a ton of them, too, from Walmart to Overstock, and even Liberty Mutual Insurance. Once again, you don’t pay anything extra, but these companies don’t care, because they are happy to be seen as charitable contributors. As with the previous two options, you can choose which charity to give to, but unique to this site is the ability to list your own charity. If you need help for a cause you are passionate about, why not list it here? At the very least, your purchases will help go toward the cause.

Aside from these three options, there are tons of similar sites and apps that do the same thing. If you’re going to spend the same amount either way, why not do so while helping a cause you believe in? Beyond the practical benefits of helping others, it also makes us feel good, and you will feel even better knowing a spontaneous Amazon purchase did some good in the world.