When people think of donating to charity, they think of church fundraisers, giving to the homeless, or raising money for disaster victims. Often the monetary and physical donations are sent via a charity’s website or in-person. However, did you know that some successful charities are funded by crowdfunding sites? If you’re unfamiliar with crowdfunding or unsure about where charities fit in, let me explain it all for you.

Crowdfunding has recently come into its own as a way for businesses to get early investing, but there are also people who use the money they make to pursue their dreams, such as finishing college or buying a house. Often, but not always, people who fund a campaign receive a reward — from a simple thank you note to once-in-a-lifetime trips or merchandise. Some charities go this route, posting on sites like Kickstarter and offering tokens of their appreciation.

However, there are crowdfunding sites that are specifically for charities and cater to that crowd. GoFundMe is the most well-known of them all, catering not only to charities but also to people who need a little extra help saving money for something important. On GFM, you can easily start a campaign for a wide variety of causes, and it’s easy to customize your campaign based on the specific aspect you want to target. One interesting stat about GFM is they claim to raise over 8x the amount of money as other crowdfunding sites.

Another great charity crowdfunding site is YouCaring. Just like GoFundMe, you can create a campaign for any cause you need support for. One thing that sets YouCaring apart is it is 100% free to use, unlike many crowdfunding sites, which take a cut from your total. On the site, you can find quite a few categories of campaigns, from adoption to medical expenses to nonprofits. Whether you’re part of a nonprofit or looking to fund an individual cause, YouCaring is a great place to start.

CrowdRise is another website that allows people to crowdfund for charity. This website is another crowdfunding platform that is specifically for charity, so you won’t be competing against other kinds of campaigns. Just today, I’ve found “Turkey Bowl For Meals” “Kisses For Cancer” and more. Some people get wacky with their fundraising efforts, while others are simple and explain thoroughly what you’re supporting if you donate. As one of the top crowdfunding platforms out there, CrowdRise is a reputable place for you to donate to.

Razoo is our last charity crowdfunding site, but it is a great one. Do you ever feel like contributing a few dollars won’t make a difference? It can seem like only billionaires have the ability to help causes take off, but Razoo is of the mindset that every little bit counts. Just like many crowdfunding sites, Razoo works primarily on sharing a cause you want people to support. The idea makes sense; even if each person donates $1, if you share to 500 people, you could raise $500. That’s huge.

Whether you’re the head of a nonprofit or looking to donate to some good causes, I suggest you check out these crowdfunding sites. They may not entirely eliminate the need for traditional fundraising, but they will surely grow into another avenue for people to support good charities.