Everyone loves animals. Whether you’re a cat person, dog person, or even bird person, we can all agree that animals are far too often given the short end of the stick. Luckily, charity shelters are available to house animals. Unfortunately, these charities, and others involving animals, are often underfunded and cause problems. In Toronto, we have a few charities that try to help our small friends, and I want to highlight those today.

Animal Alliance of Canada

Many animal problems go beyond overpopulation and adoption. Animal Alliance works to end devastating practices, such as cosmetics testing and scientific research conducted on homeless animals. Both of these practices can cause animals great discomfort and pain, although labs continue to use animals against their will. In a world where many people are willing to pay more to buy cruelty-free products, there is no reason for labs to use animals anymore, and Animal Alliance agrees. Furthermore, they manage several other campaigns, which range from helping wild deer in British Columbia to stray and feral cats.

Toronto Wildlife Centre

Wild animals are generally kept away from heavily-populated areas, so we often do not hear about their problems. However, Toronto Wildlife Centre receives around 30,000 calls per year about injured or sick wild animals. This charity has a hospital and rehabilitation center to help injured wildlife return to normal. They also hold wildlife training workshops that teach people what to do and what not to do when in situations with wild animals.

Annex Cat Rescue

The cat population is extremely difficult to maintain, but Annex Cat Rescue tries to help. The volunteers humanely trap and treat stray cats, making sure they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated properly. They also provide education to the community, including education on treatment and handling of FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) positive cats. If you see a stray cat (or cats) in your neighborhood and want to make sure the population does not grow out of control, contacting Annex is a good option.

Toronto is my home, but it is also home to tons of animals, wild and tame. Most people have a heart for these cute critters and would like to help in some way. Aside from adopting animals (which is always a good option), you can look into these three charities and consider donating or volunteering with them. Each has their own place in helping the Toronto animal community thrive, and each could definitely use some help in doing so.