Month: November 2017

Crowdfunding Charity Romeo DiBattista Jr

Crowdfunding: The Unexpected Way to Support a Cause

When people think of donating to charity, they think of church fundraisers, giving to the homeless, or raising money for disaster victims. Often the monetary and physical donations are sent via a charity’s website or in-person. However, did you know that some successful charities are funded by crowdfunding sites? If you’re unfamiliar with crowdfunding or […]

November: Diabetes Awareness Month Romeo DiBattista Jr

November: Diabetes Awareness Month

This month, I’m starting a series of blogs that will go over the month’s charitable cause. November is Diabetes Awareness Month, which does not get as much coverage as many months. However, diabetes is a growing concern in Canada and many other parts of the world. In 2015, Diabetes Canada estimated that 9.3% of people […]

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